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Dry konjac noodles VS Wet konjac noodles

Publish:Shirataki Noodles Konjac noodle Producer  Time:2016-12-13
Dry konjac noodles   VS   Wet konjac noodles

Konjac noodles is becoming more and more popular with people .due to its functions :weight loss, low sugar, zero fat , low carbs, low calories and high fiber etc.

Most of konjac noodles are wet, that means the noodles with water in the packaging ( the water is spit out by noodles  under high temperature Sterilization)  . But usually our Italian pasta are dry . So then there are some people are lookig for dry konjac noodles .  We also find there are some supplier develop" dry konjac noodles "  according to the customers/marketing  needs . 

Unfortunately , these  dry konjac noodles main made by wheat flour, as the konjac fllour just an assistant flour . so it is almost ordinary italian pasta .

If you want to buy low carbs , low fat, low suagr, gluten free, low salt low sodium and high fiber ,  then wet konjac noodles will the best choice .  Why ? please see as below :

Wet konjac noodles VS  Dry konjac noodles
1, The nutrition value :
The wet one is more benefit than dry one .

2, The price of noodles
The wet one is cheaper than dry one

3,The cooking time :
Wet one can add other  sauce and foods  directly ,after the noodles rinsed with water (with cold , warm or hot ). Also can cook  1-2 mins  with other foods  ;  Dry one need  cooking 5 mins with hot water firstly  , then add other sauce / foods
so the wet one is more conveniet for us to save time .

3, The shelf time :
The wet one also can do 18 months , the dry one 24 months

4, The storage way:
The wet and dry one  just put  the cool dry place 

5, The texture :
The dry one and  wet one is very similar.

Here is also the link for you to know more details dry konjac noodles :

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